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Eggless Baking with Whole Wheat


Eggless Cakes, Muffins and Brownies was designed for people with sweet tooth. Those who want to bake healthy for their family without compromising on taste and for those who want to extend their home baking business towards healthy bakes, this course is equally suitable for them. I have carefully designed this course keeping the complexity to lower levels and ingredients that are usually available in every kitchen.

This course will start with building the basic knowledge about the Baking. Each Recipe will have a downloadable PDF that you can download and keep for your quick access. Check the course curriculum below for a detailed course outline.

You can decide your own pace learn and complete the course. The course is available to you for complete 6 months from the day you enroll.

Is this a course for Me?


This is a question that every baker struggles to answer before enrolling into a course. Will this course work? Am I going to learn something from this course? Is there a better course than this that I should join?

Eggless Cakes, Muffins and Brownies is a detailed, comprehensive course that will enable you to learn the basics of eggless baking. I have purposely kept Cakes, Muffins, and Brownies all in this course to ensure that you learn the basics of each of them. Once you know the basics and learn what not to do, you will be able to design many more recipes for yourself and for your customers.

Like every course needs to be validated, so does this too. And for that, I initially launched this course with a very few students. The founding students helped me test this course for its content and value it adds to them. Many of the founding members were home-bakers that gave the second level of validation to this course. And finally, with all the support of the founding students, this course is a completely tested, validated course to start helping you from the very first session.

Course Content


You will have access to high-quality pre-recorded videos, downloadable recipe notes in PDF format, links to all recommended products to make your search much simpler.

Access the course from anywhere, anytime and on any type of device that has an internet connection.

Expand the course list to get more details on each section.

Should I Join This Course?

know the impact

Everyday Cakes Muffins and Brownies course are designed for homemakers who like to take control of health for their families and for home bakers who like to learn the art of baking with whole wheat for their customers.

Maybe you have tried eggless whole wheat baking earlier but were not happy with the results, and not finding your way out. Or maybe you believe that whole wheat cakes do not taste good and it is not possible to bake delightful cakes and muffins with whole wheat.

Eggless Cakes Muffins and Brownies course are there to help you identify the flaws and then change your perception forever about eggless whole wheat desserts.


  • 5 star review  I was part of the bread baking workshop in Mumbai on 24th August. I am glad that I attended it. It was completely worth the time. Sonia and Amit put in a lot of thought and efforts into the workshop which was very clear from the way the workshop was conducted. The beast thing was they insisted on each of us having a hands on experience on bread baking. They never shyed away from sharing smallest of details with us or clearing our doubts. Way to go Sonia and Amit and thank for giving us that incredible experience. PS: I am now looking forward for the multigrain bread baking workshop.

    thumb Linu Sam

    Great experience to learn baking cakes with healthy ingredients! Also, Sonia made the baking look much easier with easy to follow steps. Thanks for sharing the valuable tips too.

    thumb Henna Khanna Thakur

    5 star review  For someone novice like me the bread workshop was an eyeopener... It was good... Sonia patiently answered each and every questions... Overall... Understanding the art of kneading and conquering the fear of yeast... Was covered fully... The recipe notes provided were crisp.... One feedback though.... The recipd notes can do with a little more detailing... Also if in the last a little hands on technique to how to slice the loaf especially would be great. Rest all good... Thanks for the amazing experience

    thumb Uttara S Kaushik

    5 star review  I attended Sonia's workshop in Hyderabad and I am new to baking. What interested me to attend her workshop was that she was going to teach to bake healthy breads at home. I liked it even more because it's all eggless. The workshop was hands on experience and Sonia knows how to teach people who are completely new to it. The best about Sonia and Amit is that they go all the way out to support and encourage new bakers by creating a whatsapp group and connecting all bakers across cities. My family was excited and thrilled to taste my first whole wheat bread at home

    thumb Sudha Krishnan
  • 5 star review  I attended Sonia’s workshop in Chandigarh. Bread making for me now, is so easy.So happy with her recipes and her way of teaching.. Love the way she makes sure that all the queries are answered as soon as possible. looking forward to another class from you, Sonia.

    thumb Manbeena Dhillon Lehal

    Thank you Sonia and Amit for the wonderful class,loved the way u teach .

    thumb Shweta Agarwal

    What an experience it was ! wonderful!! In yesterday' whole wheat bread workshop..I learnt not only the art behind baking but science behind it as well...Sonia as a teacher is the perfect ,most humble n has a thorough knowledge of what she is baking !

    thumb Yogita Khanna

    5 star review  Tnx a ton Soniya n Amit... It was indeed a wonderful experience... I can now proudly make maida free bread..for my family... The session was very well designed n hats of to u both for handling a bunch of talkative ladies so patiently... Ur tips n recipes are too good... I m really happy i cud be a part of this session... Tnx a lot again

    thumb Yomikaa Agrawal
  • Happened to attend Sonia Gupta Mam’s Bread Masterclass in Chennai. First 30mins of her theory lesson stands testimony to her skill in the subject and that’s when we realise that we have come to the right tutor and assures you that rest of the day is going to be all worth it. I’m no new to making breads but I just couldn’t get to work with wheat alone bread baking and now it’s just walk in the breeze and such was her Class that day. Her passion,her ease, her skills, her knowledge,her experience and with all that such simplicity has just wowed me. This post is not an intentional promotion of her class but my deep sensed voice of gratitude. I have had quite a few fabulous guru’s in my baking career and Sonia is sure one of the ‘BEST’ and will ever be. A special thanks to Amit Sir as well🙏👍👍.

    thumb Kamali Vivek

    5 star review  Enjoyed every process n would recommend beginners to surely join it!

    thumb Kannavi Vikas

    Great experience to attend the workshop. The way of teaching with detailed technicalities along with ease of doing things are marvellous.. the recipes are amazing and healthy!

    thumb Vincy Gera

    5 star review  I attended the bread making class and it was just awesome. The concept of baking bread was explained in detail and in simple terms. A must attend class for all new bakers. All our doubts were patiently explained. Thanks Sonia for the interactive class we had. Looking forward to attending more of your classes.

    thumb Rajiyashree Baalaji
  • 5 star review  It was a complete wow!!! My daughter enjoyed the full activity thoroughly and learned a lot.. we also enjoyed the yummy food afterwards �!! A big thumbs up �!!

    thumb Meeti Jain Khare

    5 star review  I see my friend evolved over these years and I met the new Sonia who is very passionate and working towards a superb cause of healthy baking and what excites me even more is that she is imparting knowledge seamlessly. Kudos to Sonia and Amit.

    thumb Chokkalingam Vidya

    5 star review  Loved every moment spent with this wonderful couple, Sonia and Mr. Gupta. Learned to bake so many breads ,so easily and fast. Thank you .

    thumb Sunil Kaushal

    I attended the whole wheat workshop in Pune on 20th October. I am a part time Baker and I do bake bread but all purpose flour ones at home. My while wheat ones were invariably a failure and thus I attended the workshop and I am happy I did. The hands on has not only helped me with the mistakes I did but I also understood the steps of proper kneading, testing for correctness and techniques of proofing. Sonia is really patient with queries . I would specially like to mention Amit here. He was a great help cum teacher. He really filled the void time with his knowledge and lessons learnt from others mistakes so that we don't repeat them . He also added a great fun element. Overall I would totally recommend everyone to attend Sonia's classes if you ever want to take a plunge in bread making. You would return a happy and satisfied participant. I am now going to explore more and more into this new world.

    thumb Kalyani Parthasarathy
  • 5 star review  Yesterday (18th August) I attended Master bread workshop in Panchkula for which I was waiting since long... Though Baking is just my hobby I never knew it will be such a wonderful experience .. ��. Trainer was having a very good work experience they way she handled the queries was excellent.She was giving equal attention to all her students and ensured that every body has hands on all products she thought during workshop. . I tried some of the them at home immediately after her class.. My little angle gave me a compliment after having Banana Bread.. "" Papa Superrr seee Upperrrr" .. Special Thanks to Sonia Gupta..

    thumb Yash Bhatt

    5 star review  I have attended the workshop by chance. But thanks to Sonia and Amit for all their efforts

    thumb Asha Biyani

    5 star review  I just attended the workshop in Ahmedabad last week and till now I never new bread baking was so easy ! Luv’d the workshop and learned a lot of techniques. Sonia and Amit are very good and they answer to all the queries too with patience . I would strongly recommend attending their workshop �������������

    thumb Shweta Patel

    5 star review  great concept its life learning platform to learns

    thumb Abhimanyu Rathore
  • 5 star review  Ur a gud baking expert dear, trying out different ly...

    thumb Saraswathi Talabattula

    5 star review  I attended a baking class by Sonia Gupta and supported by Amit Gupta. The class was hands on for all, all about healthy whole wheat breads. No preservatives/enhancers...just like they say. Science and logic behind every procedure was well explained and shared. Well worth the learning experience.

    thumb Rani Radhakrishnan

    5 star review  Sonia is very polite teacher n full of knowledge... attended wheat breads workshop, it was very nice, all the end breads were so perfect n yumm in taste.. she cleared all the doubts so easily with examples.. n yess definitely a healthy way to start ur day with wheat bread n � Thanks a lot fr teaching!!

    thumb Navpreet Saluja

    The best part about Sonia's classes is that she teaches in a very scientific manner yet takes out the fear of bread. She makes it seem super easy.She will answer each question patiently however silly and repetitive that may be.I will definitely recommend Sonia and her classes to anyone who wants fresh and healthy breads and cakes at home.

    thumb Ripple Paul
  • From a first timer to an experienced baker this class is ideal to learn, clear your doubts and improve.

    thumb Kala Sadasivam

    5 star review  I was fortunate enough to attend this amazing whole wheat bread workshop in the month of December at Bangalore along with my daughter. Sonia is one amazing personality who is not only a master Baker by herself but also an outstanding teacher who strives to transform every student of hers into an excellent Baker. She shares all her knowledge and experiences openly and also supports us after our workshop to help us stand on our own feet. I am privileged indeed to have attended this workshop and join the community of healthy Baker's under Sonia's guidance.

    thumb Aruna H.M

    hi sonia i had tried was great experience..thankyou for your recipe

    thumb Upasana Kamthan Saxena

    5 star review  I was a part of the everyday cakes and muffins workshop conducted on 25th August and it was hands down one of the best workshop I’ve attended. Even though I am not a professional but everyone at my home is a foodie who also happen to be my best critics and everybody enjoyed all the cakes and muffins. It was difficult for them to believe that cakes made out of wheat could be so delicious. Sonia and Amit, you’ll are doing a great job not only when it comes to teaching but also making us comfortable. You’ll were very open to solving each one of our doubts and made sure we knew all the recipes clearly. Looking forward to attending your other workshops �

    thumb Neha Gogri
  • 5 star review  I attended Sonia’s Mumbai healthy bread workshop over the weekend. This was my first ever healthy flour workshop and I was in for a pleasant surprise. The bakes turned out so delicious and Sonia’s method of explaining was just so simple. Her passion for what she does is reflected in the way she breaks down the process in layman’s terms. Thank you Sonia!

    thumb Devyani Ogale

    5 star review  Attended Sonia s 'Everyday tea cakes and muffins class' today.. It was an awesome class.. Best part was there was no maida or refined sugar used in any of the bakes.. Sonia is a powerhouse of knowledge and is humble enough to share her knowledge with her students.. I recommend her classes to all those who want to make healthy baking a part of your life..

    thumb Maanasa Bhat

    5 star review  Very nice workshop. The best part about d workshop was the hands on experience. From kneading the dough to the end product. Thank you so much Sonia n Amit.

    thumb Manjri Shah

    5 star review  Today I was all excited to attend Sonia's masterclass on bread making. And it was such an amazing experience altogether. Really appreciate the way she showed us various techniques she used while making the breads. It seemed like a cake walk. She patiently addressed to all our queries also. Really happy that I attended her masterclass. Can't wait to try my hands at making breads. Thank you once again Sonia and Amit.

    thumb Puneetachopra Mehta
  • 5 star review  Was extremely excited to attend the Bread Masterclass with Sonia and needless to say I wasn't disappointed. Every step was explained and most importantly we were made aware of the science behind it!! I hugely recommend Sonia for all those who want to learn baking! The only little thing that I feel can be improved are the step by step details in the notes which would hugely help someone like me who prefers to refer the notes often. This apart, Sonia is a master baker, a wonderful human being who willingly gives out all the information and is always there to help at any step that one gets stuck. Thank you Sonia for starting me on to this journey!

    thumb Geethu Rao

    5 star review  I have attended workshop for whole wheat bread, it was an excellent experience all together to work with such a talented lady but at the same time down to earth. Soniya you are the best, the way you explain each and every step was just perfect. That help us to understand better. Thank you so much for such a word workshop.

    thumb Swati Vinze Khare

    5 star review  Attended the workshop hoping to gain the correct techniques for bread baking and very confidently say now that I can bake wheat breads very easily... The technique shown in the workshop was awesome and it was a complete hands on class... Loved the workshop hosted by charming SoniaGupta, after class also she is giving her full support to attendees

    thumb Maithri Raghu

    5 star review  Crativiry in baking, easy n simple techniques followed... Its fun..

    thumb Saraswathi Talabattula
  • 5 star review  Enjoyed and learnt a lot....thank you for the hand-on training

    thumb MonaLisa Biswal

    highly recommended for anyone passionate about baking. there's something for everyone who believes in healthy baking!

    thumb Gunjan Arora Khanna

    awesome.lovedto be the part of today's workshop. perfect teacher.....

    thumb Jyoti Chauhan Chawda

    5 star review  I attended the workshops on everyday bakes by Sonia on 24th was indeed an enriching much of thought and earnestness has been given to each recipe in terms of health and taste. The hands on experience which Sonia insists makes this even more wonderful. So I would definitely say...Come fall in love with healthy baking...with Sonia s healthy workshops.Cheers!

    thumb Anjana T Nair

Frequently Asked Questions


When do the course start and its duration?
This course is an online course. You will be access to course material, recipe videos and everything else from the day you enroll in this course. You are in full control to decide the pace at which you have to complete the course. You can always come back and review the course as many times as you like to.

Will I get access to the full course all at once?

How long will I have access to the course?
You will have complete 6-month access to the course.

What do I need to access this course?
You need working internet connection and a device to access this course. You may use a computer, laptop, tablet or a smartphone.

So how do you support after workshop?
The support is on a Facebook Group. Answer all the questions appropriately while joining the group. The answers are needed by the team to validate your profile and give it an access. Failure of answering the question while sending joining request will result in a decline.

What are the support hours?
While we want to address your queries at our earliest, but the quantum of work doesn’t allow us to do so. Please expect a delay in responses. Your questions shall be answered from Monday to Friday with a turn around time of 24 hours.t

Can I call you while I am baking and get stuck somewhere?
While we would have loved to say yes to this, however, this is not a possibility. You will be requested to write down your doubts and question in the Support Forum.

What do I do if I have problems accessing the course?
WhatsApp or call on 7262959006 and your concern will be addressed by the technical team. Technical support hours are 10 am to 7 pm from Monday to Saturday.

I have purchased the course, but when I try to access the course, it is again asking me to purchase it. What do I do?
As a first step, check if you are logged in or not. The username is generally your email id and password you created while you enrolled for this course. When you join, the system also throws a detailed step by step email to access the course. Please read that email. It could be in your inbox or in your junk/spam folder. If all of this fails, connect on 7262959006.